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This section sets the general terms and understanding between R&G, the event organizers for
the Farm Expo, and The Exhibitor to participate at the Farm Expo Lusaka (hereinafter referred to as the Event) for the 2023 season.

R&G will host a cost-effective Farm Expo in Lusaka that provides easy accessibility for both exhibitors and customers. The R&G Arena (hereinafter referred to as the Venue) offers well maintained irrigated usable lawns of about 15,000m2. On the property infrastructure includes a double story bar/restaurant, swimming pool, 20 flushing toilets and gate management building as well as secure parking for about 600 vehicles.

The Venue’s approximate distance from key landmarks are:


16km from East Park Mall
13km from Bonanza Golf Course
21km from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

R&G commits to the following:

1. Stand Size: To provide the agreed Stand Size to the Exhibitor as agreed on site map and invoice.

2. Maintenance: To ensure the venue is well maintained and clean ready for the Event.

3. Cleanliness: To provide a cleanup team to ensure venue is kept clean at all times.

4. Access Control: To provide a gate management team to ensure only guests with tickets may enter the venue.

5. Marketing: To market this event on their social media platform (about 130,000 followers) as well as other partners platforms.

6. Mentions: To ensure the Exhibitor is mentioned on the R&G social media platform if official images and logos are shared within 2months from event day.

7. Tickets: To dispatch event tickets to paid up exhibitors 60 days before event day to allow for early distribution


The Exhibitor Agrees to the following:

1. Activations - The Sponsor at their own separate cost cover the cost of activation staff and material.

2. Branding - To take responsibility of all branding and equipment for the activation – The Sponsor shall not hold R&G liable for any damaged or missing branding. All branding to be kept within their stand space and not to be placed on walkways or other sections of the venue.

3. Alcohol - To purchase all alcohol directly from Zuli’s Bar & Grill at pre-agreed
discounted prices for hospitality at their stands. At no point may an exhibitor sell alcohol. Exhibitors are to cease giving out any alcohol after 17hrs.

4. Food – Exhibitors may give for free only packaged snacks as hospitality to guests. This includes items such as Biltong, crisps, nik naks etc. At no point may an exhibitor sell food or give away meals or hot food to avoid conflict of interest with engaged food vendors.

5. Payment - To make sponsorship payment on signing of agreement.

6. Security – R&G will engage guards for general security, but if the Exhibitor wishes security for their particular stand will do so at their own cost. R&G recommends that the exhibitor engages their own guards if they have high value equipment.

7. Logos and Product images – To share official high res logos and product images as soon as possible after signing off.

8. Stand position – The Exhibitors understands and accepts that there is a possibility, that the site map can be altered during event day setup. Should this occur R&G will do our best to re-locate to a similar stand at the Venue

9. Stand booking The booking fee paid for their stand does not include power, furniture, or lighting unless pre-agreed in writing and additional fees paid.

Termination & Refunds

Either party may terminate this agreement upon 30 days’ notice of its intention to do so. Should the Exhibitor terminate, refunds will be allocated as follows:

1. Over 120 days before event day: Full refund
2. 90 days before event day: 70% refund
3. 60 days before event day: 50% refund
4. 30 days before event day: 0% refund

Confidentiality and non-disclosure

Neither Party hereto shall reveal confidential or proprietary information of the other, to a third party (including the press) without the express consent of the other party unless required to do so by law or by order of the court.

COVID19 Special Clause

Should the Event be cancelled due to Covid19 R&G commits to refunding the Exhibitor up to 85% of their Stand Fees. The Exhibitor understands that R&G will have committed to multiple expenses as event preparations. Governing Law

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Zambia

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